FREE Nikon Online Photography Classes Until April 30th

I’m super excited about this freebie!

I have had a really nice Nikon DSLR camera for a couple years now and really haven’t spent the time to learn exactly how to use it. But with these free classes and all the time we have now with the stay at home order, I have no excuses.

There are 10 classes and each class is taught by a professional photographer that shows you how to create captivating landscapes, child & pet portraits, music videos and more. Some of the classes are Nikon specific, but many teach photography fundamentals that are worth watching even if you don’t own a Nikon camera.

Each class runs between 15 to 70 minutes and normally costs between $15 and $50 each making this a value of around $250!

All you have to do is head over to Nikon and sign up. Super easy! No code or coupon needed.

I’m getting started today so that I can make the most of this great opportunity!

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