Super Rare Amazon Prime Discount for Veterans and Active Military

For Veteran’s Day this year, Amazon is offering all veterans and active military a great discount on a year of Prime membership — $40 off!

I have had a Prime membership for years, and I cannot remember them ever offering this kind of discount before. What’s even better is that this offer is available for new Amazon Prime accounts AND existing accounts. If you already have Amazon Prime, you have to go ahead and purchase your next renewal year, but you save $40!

Here’s the rules:

To receive this promotion, you must be a verified U.S. veteran, Active Duty or Reserve or National Guard member.

  • This promotion is available Nov 6–11
  • If eligible, you can sign up for Prime at $79/year (normally $119/year) for the first year
  • You can attempt verification a maximum of three times
  • Prime Student and discounted Prime members are not eligible for this promotion
  • Amazon and Partner Rewards points can’t be applied towards this promotion

There were bugs on the first day of this offer, but those have all been cleared up and the form is working as it should be. I filled out the form and was immediately taken to the page offering Prime for $79. I just renewed last month, but now I’m good for 2 years!

The fine print does state that this is a one-time discount and the membership fee will return to standard pricing upon next annual renewal.

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