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There are so many things to do during the summer! Watching movies, hitting the beach, tons of swimming, going to the park, bike rides, festivals, vacations – I could go on and on.

Even with all of the activities we want to get in over the summer, reading is still a priority. I know I had to read every single day when I was growing up, and the summer was no exception. So I am doing the same with my own kids.

My son loves reading, just getting him away from the computer long enough to dive into his current series can be challenging. My daughter is starting to become more interested in sounds and words, so she’ll be reading soon enough. Until then I’ll read to and with her.

To give a bit more incentive to read during the summer we always participate in our local library’s summer reading program. Some of the prizes are things we have no use for, but when my daughter got her medal last summer, you would have thought she won the lottery.

Another incentive that’s pretty cool is Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading Program. Kids in grades 1 – 6 simply have to read eight books and then record the title, author and their favorite part on their Summer Reading Journal. Then from August 1 – 31, they can take their journal to their local Barnes & Noble where they can trade it for any book they would like from the selection offered.

We have participated in this program for the past several years and have picked up some nice books for our home library. It’s great to get in the reading time and even better to be rewarded for it.

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