Galaxy Easter Eggs

Dying eggs for Easter is something that every child enjoys. Parents, probably not so much. The little fizzy tablets dropped in cups of vinegar and the little wire egg holders are just not all that exciting. And the colors are so boring unless you let the eggs sit in the vinegar FOREVER.

This year, try a new method that is 100 times easier and much less damaging to the egg’s shell. And you can use whatever color eggs you like. We have mostly brown and green eggs from our chickens, and the colors are still beautiful compared to the colors we have gotten in the past with the kits.

First soak your hard-boiled eggs in vinegar for up to 3 minutes. This produces brighter colors and helps the dye to set on the shell. If you leave them in too long, the shell could be damaged by the acid.

Next, on a rimmed baking sheet or in a large baking dish, spread out a nice layer of whipped topping (like Cool Whip, but the cheap stuff is perfect here).

Then put droplets of food coloring randomly on top of the whipped topping. Gel food coloring makes for a much more vibrant color than liquid food coloring. I’ve used all natural gel food coloring without artificial dyes as well as the regular gel dyes, and both work well for this project. I don’t think the dye permeates the shell, especially after the vinegar soak, but go with whichever you feel most comfortable using.

With a toothpick or knife, swirl the color dots to make a marbleized pattern, making sure that there is very little white left. Try to just swirl them gently, not mix them completely and muddle all of the colors.

Now it’s time to add the eggs. Roll the eggs through the whipped topping making sure to cover them completely. You can let them sit for as long as you like, but at least 15 minutes. An hour is a good amount of time for nice, vibrant colors. The longer they sit, the more brilliant your colors will be.

After they’ve hung out in the whipped topping as long as you want them to, all that’s left to do is to rinse them off. Set them on a paper towel for a few minutes to dry completely and them marvel at the beautiful eggs you just made.

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