Our Chicks Are Growing Up

Today our baby chickens were upgraded from their starter box (which looked huge when we first got them) to the back side of our enclosed chicken run outside. They’re almost nine weeks old, so it was definitely time to make that move. It’s always so much fun to watch them figuring out dirt and grass and rain.

This seems to be our friendliest batch of chickens yet. There were several that either didn’t run away when we tried to pet them or actually came over to us and sat down to be petted. I can’t think of any other chickens that have done that in the 6+ years we’ve had them. This is also the first group that didn’t have a surprise rooster or “extra” pullet that turned out to be a rooster.

Whatever the reason, I hope they stay this friendly. Chances should be good since they are going to get a lot of attention from both kids!

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