A little party

This past Sunday we had the privilege of catering the birthday celebration for Monsignor Rowland of Holy Spirit Catholic Church. It was his 80th birthday, so a group of ladies in the congregation wanted to throw him a big bash.

There were around 200 people who came out to mark the occasion. One person even designed a t-shirt with Father’s caricature. A large group of people were wearing the shirts, and Father Rowland even sported one himself.

For our part, I’ve been planning and pricing for months. A big crowd like that needs to be prepped for well in advance of the event. Even with all of the planning, you never know what will happen until it does. Thankfully there were no mishaps and everyone was pretty happy with the spread we presented.

I personally love doing events like this. It’s fun being creative with setting up the tables and coming up with everything to offer. It’s exhausting, too, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


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