Happy Spring!

Today is officially the first day of spring! I am so happy to say good-bye to winter and welcome in springtime!

Unfortunately it doesn’t really feel like spring here today, but that will change soon, so for now I will be thankful that the calendar has turned to a new season.

Spring is my favorite season, with summer a really close second. I love the newness of nature with the flowers and trees coming out of hibernation. I love all of the colors that start to flood yards and green-spaces. We have birds year-round because our winters are relatively mild, but there is more avian activity which makes spending time outside much more pleasant.

Another thing I love about spring is being able to open up all the windows in the house (when the pollen is finally finished!) and breathe new life into the house. Airing out the staleness of the cold and welcoming in the fresh, warm spring is like heaven.

Spring also gives me a slight itch to prioritize what we really need and what we don’t. I spend time decluttering and tossing or donating stuff that has accumulated but is no longer needed or wanted, which creates a much better home environment overall.

Spring just makes me happy. The newness and warmth are welcome here!

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