Fighting Allergies with Essentials Oils

Oh, it’s the dreaded pollen season. Everything outside is covered with a layer of powdery, yellow film. Pollen is the snow of the south after all!

Today is a terrible example since we are in a cold snap, but pollen usually starts when the weather starts warming up a bit. When that warmth starts, I am all about opening up every screen we have to let the house breathe and get in some fresh air.

That is until I run my hand across my newly cleaned kitchen counter and feel a layer of something that wasn’t there five minutes ago.

I am thankful that pollen does not affect my allergies too much. I don’t remember having any issues growing up, but as I’ve gotten older it seems that it has started to bother me just a bit. But it really has affected my kids this year. My poor 4-year-old has a nose that just won’t stop running and a sore, raspy throat from all the nasal drainage. And my son cannot stop sneezing. Needless to say, they are pretty miserable.

The best way that I’m fighting all of their symptoms is with essential oils. I love having the diffuser running; not only does the house smell nice but everyone is also breathing in tiny droplets that are so beneficial to their immune system.

There are so many essential oils available, but a couple of the best ones I have used for allergies are peppermint, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree.

Lavender, lemon and peppermint are a cleansing powerhouse. These oils are great either on their own or blended together. Lavender is very gentle but will calm and reduce inflammation. Lemon helps to clear your sinuses and reduce congestion. Peppermint can help clear your sinuses, relieve a sore throat, and reduce coughing. I will often have these diffusing throughout the house.

Eucalyptus is wonderful at helping when pollen is afoot. It can help clear your sinuses, detox your body of allergens, soothe a sore throat and help reduce coughing. It can be used in the diffuser, but I prefer just to smell it directly from the bottle.

Tea tree is also a super option for dealing with pollen. It’s best used for dealing with the allergen itself rather than treating a symptom. Tea tree can kill allergy triggers, so use it to reduce all sorts of allergens from pollen to mold to bacteria to fungi.

There are so many essential oil brands out there, and I won’t say that any one is better than another. I have done my own research and I choose to use Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils. I have received quality oils from both and have been highly satisfied.

There are so many other essential oils that are useful in dealing with pollen and allergic reactions to pollen, so these are just the ones that I currently have in my arsenal. I can’t stop the pollen, but I can help my family fight against its affects from the inside out.

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