Free Reading App Available this Week

My daughter loves her tablet. Probably a little more than she needs to, but it helps her big brother have a little more quiet so that he can get through some of his studies without her wanting to play or singing at the top of her lungs.

What momma loves about her tablet is that there are so many educational games that she loves playing, but has no idea that she’s learning so much along the way.

Right now through Sunday, March 10, 2019, Teach Your Monster to Read is completely free to download. It’s normally $4.99, so this is a full app and not just a preview that you’ll have to purchase later. And once you download it, it’s yours for keeps!

I just downloaded it today, and it has been a hit! I love that she has the full app and not just a small snippet, and I adore that she’s learning in a super fun way!

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