My sinks are white again

I’m not sure what we were thinking when we wanted a white kitchen sink. When we built our house and were talking about options we really loved the look of the white sink with our counter-tops. It was clean and bright. Not once did we think about the practicality of keeping it white. I think about it daily now, though.

I was pretty naive to think that it would resist stains like stainless steel sinks. Actually, stains never even crossed my mind. I’d never had a white sink and I thought it made the kitchen more cohesive color-wise and brighter overall. And it really does, but not so much when it still looks filthy right after being scrubbed.

My normal cleaning supplies are vinegar, Dawn dish soap and baking soda. Unfortunately, none of those were effective at all in getting rid of the stains.

But a couple years ago, after years and years of nonstop stains, I finally found a product that would magically remove the stains and scuffs with very little effort from me. The first time I tried it I was super skeptical because nothing had ever cleaned that well before. But I was awestruck with how white the sink was afterwards! It was a brand new sink!

It’s a little embarrassing to show my sink before being cleaned, but I’m doing so in full disclosure that this stuff really works! And the sink has been much worse in the past, but I can’t let it get that bad anymore since it’s so easy and quick to clean up.

Okay, so here’s the before of the bad half of my kitchen sink. This is the half that we wash everything in and use most of the time.

It’s not the worst, but there is some definite staining. Upon closer view you can see the stains a little better.

Not really the ideal place to be washing food or dishes, huh? It actually is clean – just looks filthy.

But there is hope! And that hope comes in powder form in a glorious golden canister. The saving grace for my white kitchen sinks to actually be white (and not a dingy grey) is Bar Keepers Friend.

This stuff has been around for over 130 years, and I was just introduced to it maybe 3-4 years ago. And to make it even funnier – I’ve been a bartender for YEARS! No restaurant I ever worked for used this stuff, and it’s really their loss because this is the most powerful and effective cleaner I’ve ever used.

Using Bar Keepers Friend is super simple. Wet the surface, sprinkle a little of the powder over the entire surface you want to clean, let it sit for just a couple minutes, scrub and then rinse. Easy peasy! No elbow grease required. It knocks out stains like nobody’s business. Scuff-marks even vanish. If I didn’t witness it with my own eyes I’d still find it hard to believe, but it really does work!

I’ve also successfully used Bar Keepers Friend to remove baked on grease from the bottom of pot and pans. It just sort of disappears after a couple swipes of the scrub sponge revealling a renewed, sparkling surface.

One other thing I really love is that it’s safe for septic systems. It’s something I always have to consider when using something new, and this one passes the test.

Here’s the after of my sink.

It looks like the day we moved in! And that makes me pretty happy.

This is one product that I will never be without.

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