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I am a big reader of reviews. If I have something I need to purchase, especially larger ticket items, I’m heading straight to the computer to read all the reviews I can find to see what other people have experienced. I want to know the good and the bad so that I can make an informed purchase, or no purchase at all. But I don’t just want any review, I’m looking for unbiased reviews.

I’m also one to write a review. I want to be a part of cheering on the products that are helpful and work well, as well as getting the word out about things that may not be as they say they are.

And what’s better than writing a review simply for the benefit of others sharing in your joy or not making the same mistake as you did? Getting paid for that very same honest review. That’s where Capterra comes in.

Capterra is a review site that focuses on software. Have you ever used Microsoft Word or Google Docs? How about Dropbox, Quick Books or PayPal? Do you have an opinion of any of these? Then you should share it!

With Capterra, you don’t just write the review and automatically get paid. They read each and every review because they want real, honest opinions. If they have a question about your review, they will send you a follow-up email to give more information or clarify something. I had this happen with my first review, but after I did the follow-up, I was paid!

I have actually received payment for several reviews now. It can take up to a week, but it does come. I’m honest and try to give as much detail as possible. Adding in clear examples is super helpful as well. Anything that will help someone looking to purchase or use a software program is the whole idea.

If you’re ready to make a little extra money, and you’re willing to be completely honest and insightful, then head over to Capterra right now! If you head to Capterra using my link, you’ll receive $5 for every review you submit. That doesn’t seem like much, but Amazon doesn’t pay you anything. And $5 can really add up if you have a little time to cover all of the software you have experience with.

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